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Key Points

A situation is whatever you are dealing with or considering.

A situation is whatever you are dealing with or considering. It might be a problem, challenge, opportunity, place, time, state of affairs, combination of circumstances, you or something related to you, etc.

Advanced Points
A few advanced points about situations follow on this page.

Situations are often your starting point for thinking or action.


• What is your problem or challenge?
• What have you stopped to think about for a moment?
• What is going on around you?
• What part of your larger problem are you interested in?


Talking situations might include meeting someone new, business meetings, verbal games, negotations, parties, phone calls, problem solving, sales, giving directions, etc.

Being “Stuck”
Stuck situations might include not knowing what to do, feeling awkward, frustration, confusion, pondering, failures, being stranded, being on the spot, traffic jams, missing a connection, needing a ride, etc.

Innovation situations might include creating, inventing, and improving or developing things such as: products, services, programs, campaigns, patterns, businesses, assignments, activities, etc.