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    • For people who share a proximity, the four processes below, when implemented together, have the effect of transforming a proximity into something more like an element or more like a person, thus making it easier to relate to the proximity. (See more below.)
      • RelatePoints — places for coordinating relationships.
      • ProxMonitors — increase awareness of the proximity.
      • Vadi Agreements — agreements about valuable differences.
      • Proxri — rewards made with the proximity in mind.
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For people who share a proximity.

Boosting Collaboration and Encouraging Growth
This growth model can be useful for people who share a proximity, by making it easier to relate to the proximity. It provides ways to collaborate and manage resources while encouraging growth. It can encourage growth in a variety of ways and of various kinds (not only economic growth), for resources as well as people. It contains aspects of ideas found in areas such as sustainability, open source development, competition, systems thinking, innovation, and cooperation, without being any of those exactly. It’s a synthesis, and results from taking a ProxPatterns perspective. This growth model has the potential to be sustainable, flexible, healthy, fun and efficient for people in the proximity of situations in which it is used. In turn, these qualities can help people grow, change, survive and thrive.

What might this be like?
The Growth Model approach might be sort of like the give and take of a neighborhood, relationship, friendship or perhaps being a considerate traveler. You may want the neighborhood, relationship, friendship or location you’re visiting to survive, thrive, and take care of you as you take care of it. You may also want it to persist, adapt and change as needed, which is how proximities stay sustainable and life stays interesting.

The Growth Model
The ProxThink Growth Model starts with the concept of using ProxPatterns and includes four main processes: RelatePoints, ProxMonitors, Vadi Agreements, and ProxRewards (Proxri). When implemented together, these four processes have the effect of transforming a proximity into something more like an element, thus making it easier to relate to the proximity. It may also make the proximity seem more like it has a life of its own!