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This site is a mobile version and sleek backup for the proximity thinking framework at ProxThink.com.

Hi there! I created the proximity thinking framework and the main ProxThink.com site. It occurred to me that something might happen to me, like an accident. What if I could no longer maintain the ProxThink site and/or pay the hosting fees? Other people might not step up to do that. Luckily, with WordPress.com, I can create a site that will stay up! Not only that, this can be a mobile version of ProxThink until the main site gets optimized for mobile. For more, see this blog post.

I’m moving core things like the Basics, the ProxPatterns and the Growth Model here. Instances of terms and concepts may not be as heavily interlinked to their corresponding pages as on the main site, but all the same text will be here.

I’ll work on this site as I have time. I’ll show my progress on the Site in Transition page.

If needed, you can contact me here (as well as get on the list for news, events, updates and offers).

David Loughry