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As far as your proximity thinking, are you:
New Here?
More Experienced and/or Active?
Ready to Grow SustaVariety?

You’re New Here?

First, see why you should be proximity thinking (including the problems and challenges it addresses), find out what it is, and explore your benefits. Two ways that you can do these things, and get started, are an online course and do-it-yourself paths:

  • Your Quickest Way to Explore and Start: Let’s Be More Alive — Intro to ProxThink, a self-paced online course. The link above has videos (intros and course samples), and lots of introductory info about proximity thinking, the problems and challenges it addresses, your benefits, and benefits to others. The course itself has videos, quizzes, activities, downloads, and gets you started collaborating on mobile with proximity thinking. There is also a trials version of the course with downloads and bonuses. Key Tips: This is not one of those high-priced courses! It has a very reasonable minimum proxri, with the option to reward more later based on your benefits, your circumstances and your desire to grow ProxThink and SustaVariety approaches. The trials option is a bit of a mini-course, and it includes some intro videos, some activities, downloads, and all the quizzes of the full course! Note that the four stages of your transformation in the course are different from the possibilities on this page.
  • You’re More of a Do-It-Yourselfer? Then read Why Proximity Thinking for an intro and different ways to start on your own, and/or sign up for the trials of the course mentioned above. Since the trials option includes all the quizzes of the full course, you can test yourself while exploring proximity thinking on your own.

You’re More Experienced and/or Active?

As you become more experienced with proximity thinking and/or more active and collaborative related to it:

  • You can attend and perhaps participate in online and/or offline ProxThink-related events.
  • You can join our Facebook group ProxThinkers.
  • You can explore and/or get involved in ProxThink-related SustaVariety projects, groups and events at
  • You can follow, become a monthly patron, explore, get updates, collaborate, and get involved in projects, groups, events, and coaching, at our SustaVariety membership community.

You’re Ready to Grow SustaVariety?

If you’re ready to help sustain and grow ProxThink-related SustaVariety, so more people can enjoy more SustaVariety sooner:

  • Some of the best ways you can help sustain and grow SustaVariety are to follow, share, become an ongoing monthly patron, and/or get involved in projects, groups, events, and collaboration at our SustaVariety membership community.
  • If you prefer to make a one-time proxri (ProxReward), as part of our Proxri Deal (links to main ProxThink site), you can, also via the main site, proxri here.