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Four terms are very basic: Situation, Element, Relationship and Proximity.

We can talk about practically anything in basic ways with just four Terms, which are: Situation, Element, Relationship and Proximity.

The Core Idea with Terms
Knowing that a situation is whatever you are dealing with or considering, then …
In a situation, change elements, relationships and the proximity to better relate to each other, using these quick definitions:
Loosely, an element can be anything. Any person, place, thing, idea, feeling, situation, time, etc. More accurately, an element relates to other elements.
Relationships are any kind of association or connection between elements.
The proximity consists of elements related and potentially related to your situation, in physical, mental and other ways.

The terms relate to each other. Elements can be viewed from the perspective of their relationships. Relationships involve elements. The Proximity includes elements and relationships. A Situation can be seen as a ProxSet (defined later), which is itself defined using elements, relationships and proximity.