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Key Points

How can you introduce elements which are related?

To introduce related is to bring an element into use or operation, to the attention of people, or into some sort of involvement or relationship with other elements or the proximity. Remember that relationships can be any kind of association or connection between elements. Relationship is more than just similarity. We often understand how elements are related by considering both similarities and differences. Elements can be associated or connected in many different and similar ways.

Relate Other PPs
The ProxPatterns are an integrated group of related patterns for relating to situations. By the Limits of One, any single ProxPattern has limits. In your proximity or situation, how does this ProxPattern relate to others?

1. For your situation, in the proximity generally or more specifically in ProxSets,
2. Possibly in relationship with other PPs,
3. To help with the Core Idea,
4. How can you introduce elements which are related?

Use ProxAwareness to discover and appreciate potential elements to introduce. Try introducing elements with unusual associations sometimes.


• What are some qualities or aspects of an element you are considering? What do the qualities or aspects suggest about elements you might introduce?
• Does anything seem missing in the proximity or situation? What might you introduce?
• How could an element you introduce be related to a variety of elements in the proximity or situation?
• How might introducing related elements give you a new option, alternative or quality?
• What elements remind you of elements in other situations? How can this help you consider related elements you might introduce?


Good conversationalists often are able to constantly introduce related topics or stories or facts (all of which are elements) into the conversation.

Learning is often a process of building on what you already know. You have something on which to “hang” the new information. You introduce the new information in a way that relates to what you already know.

Arrow Keys
The idea of placing the arrow keys on a computer keypad in an inverted T relates to our intuitive sense of up/down, and left/right.

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