Limits ProxPatterns (PPs)

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Consider Limits and Possibilities
The Limits PPs (PPs means ProxPatterns) relate to different aspects of limits and constraints in the proximity of situations. They help us consider which elements we are working with, or can work with. They loosely relate to concepts like scope, range, selection, and extent. They are not only about being realistic, but also may help us uncover opportunities and possibilities in those limits and constraints.

One ProxPattern can often help you achieve another.


• Are you running up against limits? Trying to be realistic? Confused by competing alternatives, issues or viewpoints? Thinking about the scope or selection of elements? Looking for opportunities? You may find some triggers for thinking and action here in the Limits PPs section.
• Are you thinking in terms of all or nothing? Do you see the situation in black and white, with nothing in between? Consider the Value of Some.
• Are you dealing with someone who “knows it all?” Do you keep trying the same thing over and over? Perhaps you should think about the Limits of One.
• Do you know a proximity or situation like the “back of your hand?” Has your sense of mystery vanished? Remember that we never know all.
• Have you considered how someone else’s ProxSet differs from yours? Are there some differences you can’t explain? Perhaps it’s a matter of Rank Depends.


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