Example: Dinner Party

You are having a small dinner party. A couple of friends are coming over. You like experiments in cooking, but your dinner guests this evening are less adventurous. So you honor the integrity of their tastes, and include some things you know they like.

However, you allow uncertainty, by including an experimental dessert. Will they try it? You pave the way for them to politely refuse (transition smoothly), by making it clear you are not forcing them to try it, and by offering an alternative dessert (relate a variety). They surprise you by trying it and liking it (rank depends).

It just goes to show you never know. You tell them a story about another dish you made which seemed strange, yet ended up tasting good (create links). You offer to give them them both recipes (more proximate and introduce related).

Talking about interesting desserts (ungrouping) reminds them of a recipe they will email you (connect independently). Allowing some uncertainty helped you discover and appreciate more about them (ProxAwareness). It also seems to have made your relationship more actively involved, which you both enjoy.

Although there are limits to what one experimental dessert can do, it seems to have helped grow your relationship with them.