Honor Integrity

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Key Points

How can you relate elements in ways that honor their integrity?

To honor is to regard an element with great respect in the proximity of the situation. To respect has several meanings which may differ by and relate to the proximity. The integrity of an element includes properties, dimensions and characteristics that make the element unique, complete, special, or distinct from other elements related to the proximity. Using several different meanings of respect, and the meaning of integrity just mentioned, some possible meanings of “honor integrity” are: to recognize and abide by the integrity of an element; to show consideration for the integrity of an element; to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with the integrity of an element; and have esteem for, or a sense of the worth or excellence of, the integrity of an element.

Relate Other PPs
The ProxPatterns are an integrated group of related patterns for relating to situations. By the Limits of One, any single ProxPattern has limits. In your proximity or situation, how does this ProxPattern relate to others?

1. For your situation, in the proximity generally or more specifically in ProxSets,
2. Possibly in relationship with other PPs,
3. To help with the Core Idea,
4. How can you relate elements in ways that honor their integrity?

Even if you want or need to change an element, you usually need to, at a minimum, take into consideration what makes it unique, special or distinct. In this way, you can better understand how to change it, what role it plays, and what if any aspects of it you want to keep or retain. In this sense, you still need to honor the integrity of elements you want or need to change.


• What are the values or unique properties of elements in the proximity? How can you honor some of these?
• What makes the element you are considering special or distinct? How can you honor that as you relate other elements to it?
• In what ways is the element you are considering complete? How can you honor that as you relate other elements to it?
• Which elements are you required to honor the integrity of?
• Which elements would you like to honor the integrity of?


Having a friend is often about honoring and enjoying who they are. Their values, their uniqueness, their specialness. Even if we are giving some constructive criticism, we try to honor their integrity.

Ergonomics is about designs which maximize productivity while minimizing human fatigue and discomfort. This honors the integrity of the operator’s body and mind, as well as the goal of productivity. Ergonomic designs also honor a variety of different body types.

Engineers must honor the properties and integrity of the bridge materials (such as steel, concrete, wood), as well as the bridge users.

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