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    • For people who share a proximity, the four processes below, when implemented together, have the effect of transforming a proximity into something more like an element or more like a person, thus making it easier to relate to the proximity. (Complete.)
      • RelatePoints
      • ProxMonitors
        • ProxMonitors increase awareness, appreciation and/or understanding of the proximity, and can be technological and/or human-based. (Complete.)
      • Vadi Agreements
        • Vadi (pronounced vah’dee) is short for valuable differences. Vadi Agreements acknowledge that differences are part of relationships and some differences have value, and provide relationships and agreements which can help valuable differences persist, adapt and change as needed. (Complete.)
      • Proxri
        • A proxri (pronounced prox’ree), short for ProxReward, is a reward which relates elements in the proximity. As such, it is often a reward made with the proximity in mind. (Complete.)