Caution: Site in Transition

This site is not complete. It is in transition. I’m moving content from the main site to this site.

Currently, I’ve finished moving all the text from the Basics section. Instances of terms and concepts may not be as heavily interlinked to their corresponding pages as on the main site, but all the same text is here. And at least the first instance of each term or concept on a page is linked to the page that defines it.

ALSO, I have not blogged about it yet, but I’ve moved all the text from the ProxPatterns and Growth Model sections. I have now created all the links too. Generally, for each major paragraph or section, I’ve linked the first instance of a term, concept, pattern, etc., rather than linking every instance of it in that paragraph or section.

For more details about the transition, see this blog post and the About page.

I’ll work on this site as I have time. I’ll show the important points in my progress on the blog under the category Site Transition Status.

For now, to really learn about proximity thinking, please visit

David Loughry