ProxSet – Advanced

ProxSets from ProxSets
You can create a ProxSet from a group of ProxSets. In other words, the ProxSets in the group are elements in a new ProxSet which contains them.

ProxSets in ProxSets
A ProxSet can be a part of another ProxSet. In other words, a ProxSet might be an element in another ProxSet.

A ProxSet Dimension
You can think of ProxSets as more like an element, or more like a relationship. Why? Elements can be anything. So, you can think of a ProxSet as an element. And since an element can also be a relationship, then you can also think of a ProxSet as a relationship. But, since ProxSets are typically combinations of elements and relationships, you could think of them on a dimension between element and relationship. You could ask, is this ProxSet more like an element, more like a relationship, or more in between?